Macrony: Catholics Attacked With Paint And Eggs

Communist haters held their May 1 demonstration while Catholics were about to attend the Roman Mass in Our Lady of Victory Parish Church in Angers, France.

According to La-Croix-com (May 3), the faithful were pelted with eggs and splashed with paint in front of the church's entrance.

Young faithful came out of the church to protect the door. Mass was not interrupted. Police arrived at the scene setting up a security cordon.

An hour later, the haters continued with their attacks forcing the faithful to leave the church by the side doors. A similar attack against Jews or Moslems would have led the ruling media of the oligarchs to proclaim a national crisis.

Picture: Stanislas Rigault, Twitter, #newsHkcsseljsj

Deze aanval op de Romeinse Heilige Mis komt uit de Rooms Katholieke kerk zelf, er is weer betaald om een relletje te trappen.
@Louis IX Outrages like this are why left-wing governments always promote gun-control. The men in the parish might show up with more than clubs.
Louis IX
Men of that parish need to attend the next Mass with clubs in hand.
atreverse pensar
Evidently, the police are complicit in this aggression.