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BREAKING: UK to end all Covid Restrictions within days

End of Covid! All restrictions in England to be scrapped within DAYS

ALL covid restrictions in England will end in 10 days, a senior Government source has confirmed. Sajid Javid announces the isolation period will be …
Bernadette Mary Lapointe
I will believe it when I see it
Facts Not Lies
Of course tests really are a sham too.
Feel bad... stay home...
Feel better... check temp... if normal... go to back out...

Oh! does this sound so very 1950's? Sorry it is and still applicable even after the intervening discovery of Corona viruses.
This is most likely a pause, pending the release of the next scariant, and to shore up Boris. Nevertheless, it is welcome. Just don't forget to support this weekend's mass Freedom demonstrations. We need to keep our abusers on their toes.
The New Knights Templar
Call me skeptical but something isn't right in the rhubarb patch. I smell rain.
Stay focus on Jesus our Saviour and His Mother and our Mother .evil can not win when we are on the side of God
John A Cassani
I guess Boris wants to keep his job. Also, the bad guys are absolutely sure that they will succeed with whatever they want to do, when the next pandemic is released. Of course, God can prevent this, if we get on His side.
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