Benedict XVI Fell Into „Deep State Of Depression”

The initial period after Benedict XVI’s resignation was difficult for him, writes Peter Seewald in Benedikt XVI. Ein Leben (Mai 2020).

Archbishop Georg Gänswein calls this “a deep state of depression.”

Ratzinger barely spoke or ate, and was complaining of fatigue.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsSsxdvthjqo

"depression is hard to proof for an amateur..." @Rafał_Ordure Apparently grammar offers amateur conspiracy experts equal challenges. Depression is readily diagnosed, too. Acedia is spiritual apathy which does not require depression. Benedict has repeatedly said his resignation was of his own free will. So you're implying Benedict is a liar.
I don't remember this account at the time!
Seems like he was forced into hiding
One could confirm Abp Ganswein is conveying truth about the pope being pope Benedict XVI what Peter Seewald writes in the book. However, depression is hard to proof for an amateur "psychologist". Did he mean 'acedia'?
Yeah, which makes clear that the half resignation was TOTALLY free
'TOTALLY free' like BXVI had control over intelligence blocking SWIFT and may be also the mafia Sankt Gallen itself 😉