Disturbing and heartfelt message from Dr Mike Yeadon

This is a disturbing and heartfelt message from Dr Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer global head of R&D and Chief Science Officer) who is one of the world’s most qualified and highly experienced immunologists.
Still not persuaded? Ask yourself why all governments at once made the same 'mistakes' in terms of policy responses, all of which inclined to maximise the number of deaths attributed to covid19. Why they've persisted with lockdowns, long after it had been proven that they do not work. Why masks were widely mandated even though they knew they don't work. Why they deployed a PCR mass testing system which still hasn't been characterised in relation to false positives.


Why Govts were comfortable with withdrawal of medical services which has directly & predictably lead to tens of thousands of avoidable deaths. Why they've lied about asymptomatic transmission, thus causing fear of everyone. Why they've spent money on maintaining fear and placing a tight clamp on media, extending to social media & even scientific journals, suppressing alternative medicines.


Why they've expedited new technology 'vaccines' & studiously ignored growing evidence of harms & indeed fatal responses. Why they've all but closed international borders based on immunological lies. Why they've hugely extended the duration of the confected crisis, even though we know that poverty alone leads to increased mortality.

L’ancien vice-président de Pfizer met en garde contre la vaccination à grande échelle

Why they're so careless about budgets & why they've bribed the population with their own money to go along with this. Why they've gone to extraordinary lengths to smear, damage experts capable of telling what they believe is the truth & counters official lies.

L'ancien vice président de Pfizer : "les gouvernements vous mentent et…

I put it to you that the kind of person who can give orders which predictably lead to avoidable deaths numbered in thousands have something in common. That attribute is that, having got used to condemning thousands to die, will have no difficulty whatsoever in doing the sand with death tolls numbering in their millions & even billions. As Stalin said: "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic".


I'd like nothing better than to be wrong but this is the only interpretation that fits, as far as I can tell, every piece of substantial information. I still have many questions but be in no doubt, this is the greatest evil that the world has ever faced. There might yet be time to head this off, but it's weeks to a small number of months to the point of no return.

If you love freedom with all its flaws more than you could ever have imagined, please fight for it against dark & malign forces. This time there are no Allies & no neutral countries. We fight or we give in & allow not only our own lives but that of our families to be destroyed. These psychopaths regard you as a virus or a cancer on the face of the world.

Please share this with urgency and as far as you can. With sincere prayers for us all, Dr Mike Yeadon.

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Cuthbert Mayne
@ miles - Christi let’s hope and pray that you or no one in your family die the agonising death, of being drowned in your own respiratory fluids, as most Covid deaths do, if and when you get Covid.