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Former Benedict XVI Still Wearing His Fisherman’s Ring

On a recent picture of Benedict XVI, 90, which is circulating in social media, the former pope is still wearing the Ring of the Fisherman. This ring is at least since the Middle Ages an official part of the regalia worn by a reigning pope and smashed after his death with a silver hammer.

In March 2013, after Benedict XVI resignation, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi claimed that the ring could no longer be used as a seal because the surface of the ring had been destroyed by two deep incisions.

Pope Francis is hardly wearing his Fisherman's Ring but uses most of the time his episcopal ring from Argentina.

That is not his pope ring. Same color but different design. See attached.
Unfortunately the only one besides God that can clear this up is Benedict himself. I have closed my mind and soul to anything new coming out of the Vatican. Come Lord Jesus your bride has mental problems and needs your direct guidance!
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Is there any journalist in the Vatican brave enough to ask him personally about this?...
Bergoglio should NEVER wear the ring because he's an antipope.
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It just gets weirder and weirder. Especially interesting is the fact that Francis doesn't wear his much of the time.........and Benedict DOES??