Amazon Ideologists Turn Church into Hippie Playground

“Our Mother Earth agonizes” the Red Ecclesial Panamazonica (REPAM) sighs in a September 14 manifesto, published in Quito, Ecuador.

The REPAM is a Vatican backed transnational Church network, set up in Brazil, in September 2014. It is the main coordinator of the Amazon Synod.

First, the manifesto remembers some “martyrs" of the "Amazonian peoples” who gave their lives for “the defence of life and nature.”

It witnesses “the cries of our Mother Earth” citing a “socio-environmental crisis.” For the manifesto “our spirituality” allows us to “convert towards Life,” but only in the encounter “with other [pagan] spiritualities.”

The self-reliant authors commit themselves to be “prophets” and “defenders of life and diversity.” They want to fight “ecocide”, “genocide” and “ethnocide.”

Once, they even use the word “sin” calling the destruction of nature a “social sin of capital order.”

They invoke a “dialogue of knowledges” which starts from “[pagan] ancestral world-views and visions,” called “Kawsak Sacha” (“living forest”). Through this “knowledges” they want to understand “the meaning and horizon" of their struggle.

The manifesto ends with a passing mention of the “merciful heart of Jesus” who – as expected – speaks to us “from the peripheries” and of “Mary” [the former Our Lady].

Apart from this, the text reads like the last will of a group of intellectually hyped-up Hippies in 1965.

Picture: © Wilfred Paulse, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsXmmncqhrey
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Remember 50 years of "missionary " work NOT ONE baptism in some areas.
Now listen to these savages....
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Free masonry
"Che" and his gang are trying to execute Freemasonry's agenda of replacing God, Creator with a new God of nature, veering people away from Jesus' salvation. Be aware of that. Are they going to success? No way, since time is up and Jesus is coming.