More Indications that Cardinal Porco Is Married

Tomás and Salustiano, told Bolivisión that their uncle, Toribio Porco Ticona whom Francis created a Cardinal in June 2018, is indeed married and the father of a son.

The two, sons of Porco’s sisters, said that "our uncle got married in 1992 when he was a simple priest (sic). There are registry documents with dates, registry numbers and his signature that prove the facts."

However, in 1992 Porco was already a bishop. According to IlSismografo, the two nephews lived with Porco during the period of his alleged concubinage with Mrs L. Ramos (1982-1992).

The two said, that on 3 April 1992, Ramos gave birth to a boy whom Porco continues to present as “my son”. Porco and Ramos got married in December 1992.

According to Bolivisión, Porco’s mother reported the matter to Archbishop Edmundo Abastoflor, 76, who was bishop of Potosí at the time.

Francis has a reputation for promoting shady characters.


P. O'B
A cardinal married with a son. Strangely refreshing -- at least normal male behavior.
Wilma Lopez shares this
Cardinal's nephews say that he is married and living with his wife
Opera 369
What? His name is "Porco"?! That means 'pig' in Italian, probably even in Spanish!.... In Latin: "nomen est omen"..... says a lot!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
Laicize him
That sly devil.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori