Ireland: Coronavirus Knocks Off Our Lady (Video)

The famous Marian shrine at Knock, Ireland, was locked up for the Assumption, the centrepiece of the Knock pilgrimages.

The shrine’s rector, Father Richard Gibbons, used the coronavirus as a pretext to prevent any worship.

Several signs put around the sanctuary read: “Public notice. In the interst of Health and Safety Knock Shrine and Grounds are currently closed. Thank you for your co-operation.”

Dozens of paid guards were placed all over the sanctuary preventing the few pilgrims who arrived to enter the place. It seems that the Vatican II Church compensates its carelessness for the health and safety of the soul with coronavirus rituals.


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Roberto 55
Before every catholic event is coming also one wave of covid19.
Now is wave 1043567....
Preferring a life of satanic fear, to placing your trust in Christ?
How can ANY of you be found worthy of the Kingdom?