Francis Is the Big Loser of EU Elections

Pope Francis is the “resounding loser” of the EU elections, the journalist Antonio Socci wrote on Twitter (May 27). Socci calls the result a Catholic motion of no confidence against Francis.

All over Europe, Francis and his followers campaigned for the losing pro-immigration and pro-gay oligarch parties. Matteo Salvini, the Catholic deputy prime-minister and winner in Italy, was savagely attacked by Francis’ hounds. admits that Salvini isn’t a model Catholic but “the good people of Italy have recognised that even Salvini is way more Catholic than the Pope.”

Picture: © Martin Schulz, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsEelbmuwine
the loser par excellence
From Father V on Twitter: A geo-political vision that represents a complete break with his predecessors is not going to win much support, except from the radical fringe left, such as the Jesuits or Nuns on a Bus.
Holy Cannoli
Nationalist Matteo Salvini’s ENF Party was the number one party in the EU elections in Italy.
Holy Cannoli
Summary, Triumph for Salvini, defeat for Bergoglio.
In 2017 they told us “populism” was dead. Here is reality: Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP party is expected to receive 56 %. Salvini has smashed it in Italy. Le Pen beat Macron. Brexit Party triumphant in the UK.
glory hallelujah