Why Your Nation-State Is On Its Way To The Scrap Heap of History

People believe the State is necessary and—generally—good. They never even question whether the institution is permanent. My view is that the institut…
Foreigners love to discredit America. God bless America!
Don Reto Nay
Was this about America?
I counted 11 references made about America in this article.
Don Reto Nay
Because this is written by an American, but this has nothing to do with the point he makes.
"International Man"? Now that's going waaay back. Marvel Silver Age superhero. He just wasn't 'hip' enough for the 70s (just look at that hair), I don't think Steve Ditko ever forgave Stan Lee for just cancelling the series outright during a story arc.
Don't count the USA out yet! The minority however vocal and nefarious will be defeated. God Bless the USA.
Communism has made great strides around the world, but the USA is still holding her ground by comparison.

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