Mother of Bishop Schneider Has Died, R.I.P.

Maria Schneider (*January 31, 1932), the mother of Bishop Athanasius Schneider, has died on August 3 in Munich.

Her son will celebrate the Requiem on August 13 in Rottweil, Germany. Mrs Schneider will be buried next to her husband.

Maria Schneider was born in the village Elsaß near Odessa, Ukraine, in a family of ethnic Germans who later were deported to the Ural Mountains. She married Josef Schneider (+2015) on 31 Mai 1954. The couple first lived in Kirgistan, then in Estonia and finally left for Germany in 1973.

Maria Schneider was blessed with four children, the youngest is Athanasius Schneider. She taught her children the faith despite State atheism in the former Soviet Union.


Mother of a living saint
FrDJR shares this
Let us keep Bishop Schneider in our prayers and let us pray for the soul of his mother. Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her O Lord..
F M Shyanguya
😢 May God rest her. From Bishop Schneider’s testimony, a mother of great faith even amidst great trials, communicating that faith to the family. May she not lose her reward.