Bankruptcy: Francis Betrays Faith – Providence Betrays Francis

Gay saunas aren't free y'know.

Heroic Brazil Archbishop Fights „Dragon Of Traditionalism”

Living in his head rent free, cool.

Sharia Law in Londonistan

Friends of Francis

The Old Mass in the Amazon with natives

Likely the old missionaries converted someone, while what the new missionaries, isn't clearly Catholic, if they tried to convert someone.

Pagan cry of ‘Mother Earth’ enters St. Peter’s Basilica for Amazon Synod’s opening Mass

A notable portion look like white, mannish, old Novus Ordo nuns. Christ deliver us.

"No other option" but married priests

These old unbelieving pervs use the indigenous as mouthpieces for their errors. Could the Brazilian government not shut this horror synod down?

Pope Francis: “I Want The Confusion”

Deliver us oh Lord from this Communist faggot.

Francis-appointed bishop urges Catholics not to oppose violent feminists who attack churches, …

A notably sleazy FrancisBishop (a book on the 'art of kissing') who endorses abortion in a nudge wink way.

Their Synod: Applause For "Married Priests" And "Female Ministries"

None of them would marry. This is an angle to the public approval of sodomite relationships later on.

Synod Boss: Feathers Yes But Cassocks Are Not Welcome

God rid us of these homo heretics.

New Zealand Diocesan Bishop, 59, Expected to Retire Today

Frank has no interest helping bishops who are at least sexually normal. It takes decades to remove homo bishops.

Portent? Fragments Fall off Ceiling During Francis' Mass

The roof need to fall on filthy Frank.

Mumbo-Jumbo in Vatican Gardens: Gullible Francis Participates (Video)

Man, given that V2 is the Religion of Man? Not clear though that the old Communist has any belief in the supernatural.

Francis Names Homosex Activist As New Secretary General of Synod of Bishops

Another FrancisHomo.

Raid in Archbishop Peña Parra’s Secretary of State

A pervert, a thief and connected to a murder too.

Lying Kardinal Krajewski Doesn’t Pay the Bill

Thieving Communists and perverts surround Bergoglio, so no surprise.

Francis “Bitter” About Converts – But Priest Has Solution

The unbeliever supports the deal with Red China for they hate Catholics nearly as much as him.

Pervert Performs On Altar - Bishop Approves

V2 altars have no relics, but how foul!

Italo-Brazilian Bishop: Amazon Synod Should Go For [invalid] Women Deacons

Did BXVI need to make that horror a Cardinal? Bergoglio doesn't make those not of his mind Cardinals.

The Catholic Church in China: R.I.P. - Fatima Center

Like PVI's concordat with Communist ruled Czechoslovakia, which almost obliterated the Church there, Bergoglio wants a Faithless China.

Francis of the "Poor" Wants the Money of the Germans

Very likely.

Pope: 'fundamentalist' Catholics do 'harm,' should be 'combatted'

He's angry people now denounce his nonce friends to the authorities.

Their Synod: Francis Reveals Handpicked Gay-Activists

Francis is likely a fag himself. HJA Sire says he likes to have as they are exploitable and easier to control with blackmail, but the favour to Zanchetta seems to go beyond aiding a friend in need.

Impenitent Communist Deputy Re-Admitted to Priesthood

Bergoglio could only welcome a brother Communist.

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity welcomes a Rabbi member - Vatican News

Sad to see this Masonic crap on Vatican news.

Russian priests spray holy water from plane to stop 'alcohol use,' 'fornication'

Francis wouldn't believe in the efficacy of holy water, and has no problem with fornification, particularly if it involves his Vatican cronies like Coccopalmiero.

Smell of the Sheep: Minors Abuse Priest

Probably Mohammedans.

TAN Books Owner Promotes Protestantism and Humanism

Sad! as POTUS might say.

Francis, A Rigid Modernist, Sees "Rigidity" Everywhere

Rigid? What Bergoglio means he and bff Zanchetta see an upcoming shortage of homo V2 priests. What Benedict did to restore the priesthood still hasn't been effaced.

Again: Francis Doesn’t Live Up to His Own Standards

Thus retirement age of 75 was an innovation introduced by Montini.

Presidential Candidate Claims - Bible Says Babies Can be Aborted “Up to Their First Breath”

Francis and his pal Emma Bonino likely agree. Francis never criticises abortion before parliamentary votes or referenda.

Why this debate between Christian conservatives matters for everyone | Catholic Herald

And Biden isn't the worst, although he is appalling.

While in Africa: Francis Appoints Three Liberal President Delegates for Amazon-Synod

The third looks like a faggot.

20k people standing silently to advocate for the unborn of Northern Ireland

The amendment will legalise abortion if powersharing isn't restore, although ex PM May could have stopped the legalisation with a word. More marched in Dublin and Cork, but what could be done if the government of the Republic and other parties were determined in rig the vote. Anyone thought likely to support abortion was given a vote for the referendum.

The Church will survive. Any attack.

Shame that Jesuits, variously Bergoglio (although in office he cannot be a regular priest any more), Sosa and Sister Martin now assault the Church Militant.

Witchcraze over new red hats

McCarrick knows that for Francis (who joked with him going to hell) is only concerned that he was caught.

Pope Stacks College of Cardinals With Leftist Prelates

Bergoglio has been five years of cringe. That must be an influence even on leftist leaning appointees.

Paglia responds to controversy at JPII Institute | Catholic Herald

He had a perverted mural of writhing naked men painted in his cathedral. Lewd blunderer cannot even get the new statutes properly drafted.

Pope Francis Sends Video-Message on the Occasion of His Imminent Apostolic Journey to Mauritius (…

His support of the Masonic Pantheism seems evident.

„A Big Lie“: Bishop’s Last Interview about Medjugorie

Medjugorjie gives sanction to religious indifferentism. A real FrancisShrine.

New D.C. archbishop: transgender Catholics are in ‘heart’ of Church, part of ‘the family’

He (the Queen of the Nile) would say that.

The day he picked to die, he had the party of a lifetime

A real FrancisPriest, faithful in his faithlessness.

Francis Church: The New Act of Contrition

Sadly very apt for this time.

As appeal verdict looms, Pell faces investigation over Twitter post – Catholic World Report

If Cardinal Pell had somehow managed not to see the rampant dishonesty in the Curia and Vatican Bank, Bergoglio would have made the Cardinal his chief financial officer. The Curial queens seem to see stealing as a prerogative. Note how Francis had Zanchetta, creditably accused of dishonesty and sexual crimes, raised to a position with control over the Vatican property empire.

Venice Basilica Disfigured By Rainbow Tower

Faggotry seems to be almost a sacrament for the FrancisChurch.

Cardinal Burke says on Fox News that pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians like Joe Biden should not …

It is probably redundant excommunicating pervy Joe Biden and old Nancy Pelosi. Bergoglio knows that Cardinal Burke will never criticise him directly, in spite of the necessity of doing so. The Cardinal was recently re-appointed to the Papal tribunal he'd been ejected from, albeit in a less significant position.

Francis Promotes Greta Thunberg Who Promotes Extremist and Gay Propaganda

That silly autistic child is used as a tool. Pray for her conversion. Pray also for Bergoglio to convert from the Globalist pseudo-religion to Christianity.

Francis Names Another Heretic as Archbishop and Future Cardinal

Almost a stereotypical FrancisBishop.

The Satanic Temple Ottawa Unbaptism ritual

I hope they repent, but they seem fair set for an eternity of torment. They won't enjoy an eternity with Old Nick.

Disgraced financier Epstein found dead in cell

There's a Clinton, but Nonce Andrew, George Mitchell and many, many others can sleep more easily.