An anecdote of Pope Francis after his election

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(via Catholic Sat) Kardinal Napier gives an anecdote of Pope Francis after his election, as an example of what the Church should be
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Auf welchem Stern lebt dieser Negerbischof eigentlich, daß er uns mit solchen G'schichterln abspeisen will? Der Satanist Berg glio mit seinem Hexenstab hat längst die Maske fallen gelassen!
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True Humility would be for Francis to submit himself to the Teachings of the Church instead of expecting the Church to amend Herself to please HIM.
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Bla bla bla bla bla

He just wants to show us how great his humility is.
He just wants to show us how meek he is.
He just wants to show us how different he is from his predecessors.

It is just one big show.

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Given what we now know, it would be reasonable to conclude that that old Cardinal was being made a object of use to portray a false humility. He was just a useful tool. You can't disregard tradition to make life easier or to relieve suffering. To do so simply makes life more chaotic and causes much more suffering in the end. Any old cardinal worth his salt would embrace his cross with delight as … More
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