Francis Publishes Bootlicking Letter on the Abuse Blame Game

Pope Francis published on August 20 a highly emotional, hyperbolic and bootlicking three-page letter on the occasion of the unsubstantiated Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report. In the letter he writes …
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Anthony Murphy of Lumen Fidei (Conference against World Meeting of Families: "Do not be afraid of these scandals—this is a painful time in the church, but do not be afraid of it. This is a defining moment of the Church. We must use it to clean house."
Whenever I go to confession I don’t specifically name any sexual sins. That’s embarrassing. Instead I just say I’m guilty of “clericalism” and that pretty much covers it all. Also, I never go to confession. mentioned this post in Time for Resignation: Cardinal O’Malley’s Double Standard.
Their words mean absolutely nothing
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Bergoglio makes fun of us Catholics by saying empty words lacking in action. Where are the resignations of Wuerl and the other accomplices of pedophilia and his own resignation. But as Catholics we will act, we will leave empty his audiences,everything, as our Chilean brothers did. He has already mocked us, but we will not allow him the impunity of these sexual abuses against our Catholic young … More
Only the pope can clean up the Catholic mess. He appoints the bishops and they serve at his pleasure. The laity can and must appeal to him, but the notion that they can do this without him is anti-clerical, un-Catholic nonsense.
Here is a letter condemning the abuse scandal and inviting the People of God to fast and do penance. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an urgent crisis meeting and lunch appointment with ++Daneels, ++Mahoney and ++Maradiaga.'
"Clericalism" when said by Bergoglio (or his disciples) should be understood as a hatred of true Priests - always. Remember, his intent is to tear down that which was established by Jesus Christ. Expect him to capitalize on this evil and exploit it to further his wicked agenda.
"Francis ignores that the Church has successfully overcome the abuse crisis and has become one of the safest places for children and young people." What???? When did this happen?
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Dr Bobus
Francis has a very limited perspective because he is an ideologue, the 1970s Jesuit version. He sees everything through that prism.
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So it is “clericalism.” They are going to use the sex abuse crisis to further re-engineer the Church.
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"Clericalism"... they're going to keep singing this song, and singing it louder and louder to try to drown out the inescapable facts: priests are men and nearly all their victims have been male. It's as plain as 2+2 = 4
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De Profundis
So gay men abuse boys and this is because they "thirst for power, possessions and the concentration of authority among small elites"? Is anyone buying this?
At the root of the sex abuse crisis, Pope Francis explains, is clericalism: a thirst for power, possessions and the concentration of authority among small elites. "To say 'no' to abuse is to say an emphatic 'no' to all forms of clericalism."

Just exchange clericalism with homosexualism and it is true.
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