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Pope Francis “Guided” By “The Teachings Of The Buddha”

Pope Francis praised Buddha and St Francis of Assisi but ignored Christ while addressing Buddhist Monks on November 29 in Yangon during his Apostolic Journey to Myanmar.

Francis expresses “esteem for all those in Myanmar who live in accord with the religious traditions of Buddhism”. He added, “Through the teachings of the Buddha, and the dedicated witness of so many monks and nuns, the people of this land have been formed in the values of patience, tolerance and respect for life.”

Francis believes that the words of Buddha offer “each of us a guide” to “overcome the angry by non-anger” and “the wicked by goodness”.


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@Fischl the difference between God and a Jesuit is that God doesn’t think he’s a Jesuit.

And Pope Francis doesn’t like talking about himself as he is humble.
@Joseph a' Christian Buddhism is not a religion. It’s a Dharma, which is simply a way of life. Like a Franciscan way of life in following Christ, or a Benedictine. Buddha never spoke of God, saying that God is beyond comprehension. Followers of Buddha aim to renounce the world and all attachments which bring suffering, and aim to lead a detached celibate life of a hermit. It’s precepts are not … More
and what about God?
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Pope Francis , Jesus is the Way ,the Truth and Life ,everything else is false ,
Question; Is Francis even Christian?
GTVisrockin likes this. Church has always taught through the centuries, that all false religions are in contact with demons.
Satan is some times obvious, such as the occult.
Some times wears a veil, such as Muhammad.
Yet at times subtle, such as buddhism.
Buddhism takes people's eyes and attention away from the singular Way to Life. Jesus Is Life, all other false paths lead to … More
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Bergoglio also prays in mosques. The more a Catholic learns of Muhammad: his favorite "wife" being a 9 year old little girl named Aisha, his murderous rampage to conquer all of Arabia, his strong denial of our Christ's Crucifixion... Reveals that Muhammad was the exact opposite of our good Lord Jesus. Muhammad's ways are obviously satanism, covered in a veil. Therefore Bergoglio promotes … More
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@kam the Budhist principle of ‘avihimsa’ (non violence) is not garbage...infact, many of Buddha’s teachings could be straight out of Christ, except, Buddha lived long befor Christ did. I’ve the greatest respect for the Budhist way of life, and its never, clashed with religion. Thankfully the Buddhists dont need a lecture on Buddhism by Pope Francis...otherwise they’d be in real trouble
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He should be speaking to those Catholics in these impoverished countries to bolster their faith, and trying to evangelize the rest. Instead, he gives them this garbage.
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Francis flirting with apostasy...
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De Profundis
Authentic justice and peace can only come whenever the world turns to God in repentance and works towards the social kingship of Christ.
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