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Homosexual Acts Are "Disordered", "Unnatural" and Leading to Hell – Cardinal Müller

Homosexual contacts "completely and directly contradict the sense and purpose of sexuality", Cardinal Gerhard Müller told on November 22.

He described homosexual acts as “fornication”, an “expression of a disordered desire and instinct” and a “grave sin which excludes a person from the Kingdom of God” [i.e. leads to hell].

Müller added that sexual acts outside of marriage are an abuse, and amount to fornication while compared to this, homosexual acts constitute an “unnatural intensification of sin”.

Fornication is a mortal sin which "no power on earth can declare to be morally neutral” and that the condemnation of homosexuality is not relativized by the worldly acceptance of it - the cardinal added.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsPwwdfknnrq mentioned this post in "Leaked": German Bishops Raise Up Against Catholic Morals and Cardinal Müller.
Ms. Frizzle

In a time of utter confusion, praise God to hear some truth... THANK YOU SO MUCH
Biblical Christianity (and the writings of the early Church Fathers who had recourse to the teachings of the Disciples) state that homosexuality is an abominable sin detested by Christ who is "the same as the Father" and OBEDIENT to His law,which He helped Him create.
If there was no unity of will between Christ, the H:S and the Father, ie: If they were NOT of the same mind - there would be a … More
Jim Dorchak
I am sorry but it seems to me that he is just a little to late to this party! Where was he 2 or 3 years ago? He was GAY QUIET!
Wonderful to hear a Cardinal speak the truth.
God bless Cardinal Muller for this. Consider "The Role of Marriage in the Divine Will":
Cadinal Muller is right ,God bless him
About Wucherpfennig: "This is an example of how the authority of the Roman Church undermines itself ... If this priest calls the blessing of homosexual relationships the result of a further development of doctrine ... it is nothing but the presence of atheism in Christianity."
Müller: "The LGBT ideology is based upon a false anthropology which denies God as the Creator. Since it is in principle atheistic or perhaps has only to do with a Christian concept of God at the margins, it has no place in Church documents... creeping influence of atheism in the Church."
Joseph a' Christian
Well stated Kardinal Gerhard. The world is absurd, vile.
Our Lord’s Sacrifice For Man, Is The Purity Of His precious Blood. Jesus Is The Unblemished Lamb.
Seeing Our Holy Messiah: Faithful, Steadfast John Baptist Stated, “Behold, The Lamb Of God.”
Müller: “Amoris Laetitia has to be absolutely in accordance with Revelation, and it is not we who have to be in accord with Amoris Laetitia, at least not in the interpretation which contradicts, in a heretical manner, the Word of God."