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Vatican Identifies “Youth” With Atheists and Political Extremists

The Swiss Bishops will send three young people to the Roman Pre-Synod taking place in March as a preparation for Pope Francis’ “Youth Synod”, reported.

The controversial Pontifical Council for Culture explicitly asked for delegates who were “critical of the Church” and “atheistic”.

One of them is Jonas Feldmann, 25, a non-practicing Catholic who opposes Catholic doctrine and is active in the pro-abortion, pro-gay, anti-family and pro-euthanasia Green party, an extremist leftwing party. He will tell Francis that he does not want to be a member of an institution that “discriminates homosexual love”.

Another delegate is the journalist Sandro Bucher, 25, a member of at least five rabidly anti-Church organizations. Bucher considers the Church an “enemy of progress” and will tell Francis to “undo the damage the Catholic Church is doing”.

The third delegate is Medea Sarbach, 23, a student of theology. She is described as a practicing Catholic. If she meets Francis, she will say to him “buenos días” or “buenas tardes”.

What the Youth Synod has already taught the Church: Normal young Catholics have no place in Francis' Vatican.

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Jorge Cerra
That sample of Swiss Youth is perfect for what they want to justify with the Synod.
33% of the sample will ask for advances in the homosexual love; he wll get them, 33% will be satisfied when the Bishop of Rome will demonstrate that he is very committed to progress, and the remaining 33% of Catholic Youth will say buenos días o buenas tardes.
Is that a real news or is it a grotesque joke? Are … More
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Jim Dorchak
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The Pope should read Fr Cantalamessa's Lenten Sermon 2018. This Synod is the New protestant reformation.
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“The modern world has so cunningly institutionalized ‘change,’ ‘revolution,’ and ‘nonconformity’ that the entire enterprise of liberation is a routine inscribed in the regulations of the prison.”—Nicolás Gómez Dávila
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Sunamis 46
if they continue to spray false teachings around, then of course it is going to be happen
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Lord give me strenth
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Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi "President of the Pontifical Council for Culture" actively participated in the pagan worship of the Pachamama in Argentina (…/kardinal-ravasi…). Cardinal Takes Part in Pagan Worship…/cardinal-takes-…
Le cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi participe au culte de la déesse païenne "Pacha Mama" He was appointed a member of the … More
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Let me guess, he's going to apologize to these devils and scold the Catholic for being to Catholic. Oh wait, she is a student of the neo-Catholic theology. She will probably be apologizing to the devils as well.
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Valiant Woman
Dear God, please save us from these cretins
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