German Bishops: Pope Francis Is Fine With Protestant Communion

The press speaker of the German bishops writing on (April 19) has denied that the Vatican rejected the decision of the German bishops to give communion to Protestants.

According to him reports which say the opposite, are “false”.

The denial confirms that Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx will be meeting Pope Francis to discuss the matter.

The outcome of the meeting is predictable: Francis will create confusion allowing all parties to claim that he is on their side while accepting Protestant Communion.

Protestant Communion has been imposed in the "Catholic" Church in Germany for decades. A Catholic priest who would refuse to do this, would not be able to retain his position.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Maik Meid, CC BY-SA, #newsPkuvleqvdz
De Profundis
Francis meets with Marx, but didn't meet with Meisner, Caffarra, Burke and Brandmüller over communion for divorced and 'remarried' Catholics
Bergoglian-Vatican Tango.
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Never trust the German bishops. They're... a slippery bunch.
I recommend this Cardinal to do a little bit of exercise ,maybe the blood will start flowing to his heart
Iam on the side of Jesus and Truth
De Profundis A source close to the German Church poured scorn on Kopp’s response, saying it was the equivalent of “throwing sand in one’s eyes” and a case of “smoke and mirrors.”
Pope Francis may be worried that the doctrinally sound CDF response may be used by his opponents to attack his pastoral opening to the divorced and remarried.
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In the German Bishop's Conference the Left doesn't know what the Right is doing.
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Tesa stands by its original story.
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