Did Our Lady Appear in the Cloud of Dust?

Trump’s Secretary of State Celebrates “Pride Month” Mike Pompeo, the United States’ Secretary of State, has engaged in gay propaganda through an official press release saying that – quote – “the … More
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli: Honestly, I am not convinced. Nobody expected Pompeo to do this, on the contrary. So why did he do it? To please the CNN? Should CNN … More
Sunamis 46
1 who trust the politicans anyways? They work for their own moneypocket I just trust in god No mrs merk el or. Anyonelse of them More
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this is sick

Cardinal Woelki Will Give In On Protestant Communion – Aim Is “Peace” [Not Truth]

Cologne Cardinal Rainer Woelki who is involved in a conflict among German bishops whether Communion should be given to Protestants, has said that his aim is a "peaceful coexistence". Talking on
Dr Bobus
This seems to be an example of what Humani Generis refers to as false irenism.
@Jim -- walking dead.
pray for our Catholic church

The Truth Is Never an “Idol”

Very Few Vocations in the Diocese of Rome Last Sunday, Pope Francis ordained in Saint Peter’s 16 priests, but only five of them belong to the diocese of Rome and were educated in Francis’ Seminary. … More
Gloria TV Noticia No, la verdad nunca es un "ídolo" El padre de Nueva York, Gerald Murray, criticó en la afirmación de (… More
Now laywomen selected for CDF .. Catholic News Agency Reports.. includes their backgrounds.
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this is wrong

Now the Secret Commission Has a Face

Luca Maria Negro, the president of the Federation of the Evangelical Churches in Italy has announced on (January 10) that “2018 will be a crucial year for ecumenism in Italy and in the …
No aderito, that is not the case, unfortunately. These 'Ecumenical' Masses will not really be Masses at all. They will be neutering the Consecration,… More
Thats good ,are they converting to catholicism ????