the carol burnett show was ( and still is one of my all time favorites) Conway and korman were a super team. great post!!!!

Chinese Christians fight back as government tears down crosses

satan is a geopolitical piece of crap.
I cannot wait until Saint Michael throws his filthy butt into hell for all eternity!
Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!
Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle !!!

Amateur video shows Russia firing into Ukraine

we all know what putin's goal is.
the past popes did not have the balls to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of they blew it and we will have to undergo a bunch of persecution, suffering, and downright abuse because of it.

get those rosaries out you Catholics!!!! That is ALL we have left!!!!!

Deadline for ISIS ultimatum to Christians living in Mosul

Sean Hannity is ANOTHER cafeteria catholic. he is pro choice .
he is for himself..his paycheck and his popularity poll....
get a grip sean. we DO NOT care that you went to seminary.
we DO NOT CARE that you took latin.
we DO NOT care that you claim to be catholic.\
EITHER YOU ARE OR YOU ARE NOT CAHOLIC!!! ALL children have a right to life!
it disgusts me that he is using the plight of true Catholi… More

Judge Jeanine: ISIS threat goes beyond Iraq

judge Jeanine works out!!! there is no doubt about that!

let's send her over there to kick some butt!

she is awesome!!!

Pope Francis says he wants dialogue with China, religous freedom for its Catholics

good luck with that Francis.... until you take care of your own dirty laundry in your own backyard, you will not be able to heal the rest of the world.
look to America.
bring back Tradition, Catholicism and TRUTH. get rid of the traitorous clergy who have sold their souls to satan. turn to the laity and the remnant who have KEPT the faith!!!

Is Allah A Demon?

islam is not a religion. it is an ideology. full of hatred and violence. a true servant of satan.
when a muslim tells me they will put a bullet in my head if I cannot recite the muslim creed...that tells me that they are heretical TERRORISTS!!!
I am SO GLAD I am Catholic!

Sudanese Christian woman sentenced to death says she had God by her side

I am disgusted that Megan Kelly has the balls to do this news report. she is an apostate catholic...
she is pro-abortion. who does she think she is fooling? how can she do a report on a woman who is pro-life..when she herself is anti catholic>????
go meriam!!!! God Bless you and ROCK ON MY CATHOLIC SISTER!!!

but megan Kelly is not your friend,

watch" Fox news Comes out." … More

Stop Communion debate now

either you are Catholic or you are not!

Boys and girls called purple penguins in a Nebraska school for gender-neutrality

when my children were in a so called "catholic school" and my daughter came home telling me Jesus was a " purple flower"..(.this was in the parish of Saint Louis in Cleveland Heights Ohio... in the 1990's ) I pulled my kids right out of that hellhole and started homeschooling them.
satan is everywhere and has been fouling our children's world long before many even suspected it.

Young American tell the truth.

rock on you truthful Christian!!!! THANK YOU for standing up for your faith and your country!!

and DOM....thank-you for posting this,.... we need to SEE that there are AMERICANS who give a DARN!!! CHRISTIANS who give a DARN!!!
shout it out. TO THE WORLD!!

this young man deserves a standing OVATION!!!!