UPDATE: Brief critical comment on the statement by Fr. Arnaud Sélégny FSSPX dated 24.09.21

The General House of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X published a statement called “Practical considerations for vaccination against Covid-19”…-considerations-vaccination-against-covid-19-68811 by Fr. Arnaud Sélégny on September 24, 2021.

This already triggered critical reactions. Criticism of Fr. Sélégny's overly positive attitude towards the novel vaccination, which many believers find incomprehensible, came, for example, from a layman, Anthony Ambrosetti , from the USA who is affiliated with the Society. As one can hear, he is far from being alone: priests and faithful associated with the SSPX, as well as others, are shocked and scandalized. Some wonder how it can be that the bulwark of the full Catholic faith gives space to relativism here.

Recognition of the activity of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

We recognize with the expression of gratitude that since its foundation the Priestly Society has worked beneficially, preserving the full faith, liturgy and morals throughout the apostasy following Vatican II. Above all, we recognize that in some countries afflicted by "lockdowns", the Society has maintained devotion to God and care for the faithful in an exemplary manner. For this reason, nothing is further from our minds than to join in a denigration of the Society, such as, unfortunately, has recently been carried out by media outlet in the United States.

Identification of a serious shortcoming in the statement in question.

However, out of love for the truth, out of concern for the integrity of the Society, and out of concern for the salvation of souls, Fr. Sélégny's statement cannot go unchallenged: Even if the Reverend Father deals with the objections that had reached him before September 24, thus showing that he is dealing with the moral problem, and even if he admits that "unknown factors surround the question" and that "pressure is being exerted," which increase the "difficulties," the opinion of September 24 is the expression of a profound moral-theological uncertainty.
Recall the information guiding all arguments and considerations that the novel COVID vaccine in many cases involves the harvesting of cell lines from aborted children (in development and/or testing). According to insider reports, even viable children are taken alive from the womb and dissected alive, without anesthesia (!). In this respect, the clarity of Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider ("cannibalism", "beginning of the apocalypse" Five Prelates Condemn Covid-19 Vaccines: ‘The Ends Cannot Justify the Means’ ) must be considered exemplary.
Fr. Sélégny's statement does not adequately portray the appalling sin of abortion, with which the production of vaccines is associated. To put it bluntly, the production and/or testing of the vaccines involves human sacrifice.
Moreover, the use of the vaccines has led to so many deaths and other, often very serious, damages in the last eleven months that one must speak of human sacrifices here as well.
The citation of Thomas v. Aquinas used by P. Sélégny, De malo, q. XIII, a. 4, ad 17, raises serious questions: Is the thought process of the Doctor universalis actually pertinent here? The sensus fidei resists that Thomas should actually be an accomplice in the present tyranny of falsehood.
The whole line of thought of Father Sélégny, with all the correct statements it contains, is unfortunately working into the hands of the powers that use the COVID plague for their purposes. It therefore unfortunately also works into the hands of the current Vatican leadership, which has shamelessly made itself an accomplice of the political powers.

Disregards of the obvious: Where is the analysis of circumstances?

The moral-theological analysis of an action traditionally includes three aspects: the object of the action, the intention, and the circumstances. According to our observation, in the vaccination issue, the consideration of the circumstances occurs much too little, even among church officials and, unfortunately, also with Fr. Sélégny. The following should be taken into account: According to the open-hearted statements of Bill Gates and others, virus outbreaks are apparently controllable and are probably being controlled (Gates: "the next virus will get the attention it deserves", billionaire Warren Buffet: "a new, deadlier wave will come"). Bill Gates also openly stated that he favors population reduction. Vaccination campaigns should also be used for this purpose.
On the other hand, he admitted as recently as November 2021, that COVID vaccination had minimal effect in terms of disease prevention (!). At the same time, he spoke ominously of future "bioterrorist attacks" (…rna-shots-only-slightly-reduce-viral-transmission/).
Here shows the audacity of the propagandist and ruler who is not committed to any truth.
All these circumstances surrounding the vaccination must be taken into account for a moral-theological analysis.

Where is the discernment of spirits?

The "discernment of spirits" (1 Cor. 12:10, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises) shows us the satanic character of lying propaganda, the murder of unborn children and the simultaneous concealment and denial of abortion in the process, and fear-mongering. In addition, there is an enormous amount of money involved. Where there is mammon, the devil is not far behind.
It is an insult to the mind to regard the COVID vaccination campaign as nothing but a medical measure. In view of these facts, it makes no sense to try to interpret away the evil in this matter with moral-theological sophistry.

What would Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre say?

We cannot imagine that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre would have approved of this. After all, we owe it solely to his indomitability that the full Catholic faith was saved in the 20th century. Of course, to this faith belongs the unabridged morality, which in turn includes the absolute prohibition of intrinsece malum, the intrinsically bad act. Only resistance to the evil of the misnamed "vaccination" against COVID can contain further sin and harm and appease the wrath of God.
We therefore request that the leadership of the Priestly Society unequivocally strengthen the faithful in their decision for uncompromising good and against the defilement by a lying dictatorship in the name of hygiene.


Mag. theol., Mag. phil. Wolfram Schrems (A)
Anthony Ambrosetti (USA)
Victoria Ambrosetti (USA)
Mag. Karl Schlagenhaufen (A)
Patricia McKeever (Scotland)
Dr. med. Johann Wilde (A)
Inge M. Thürkauf (D)
Dr. iur. Georg Roth (A)
Kamil Polakowski (PL)
Hofrat Mag. Thomas Lintner (A)
Mgr. Michal Semin (CZ)
PhDr. Radomír Malý (CZ)
Lucie Cekotová (CZ)
Roman Ďuriš (CZ)
Maria Fellner (A)
Erwin Fellner (A)
Kamil Polakowski (PL)
Jee Soo Susanna Yun (A)
Pia Kim (Kor)
DI Claudia Schneidenbach (D)
Joanna Lee (Kor)
Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock (A)
Justine Veronika Renner (A)
Walter Froschauer (A)
Hilda Froschauer (A)
DI Christian Schöbel (A)
Mag. Dr. Eleonora Kummer (A)
Helene Kurjata (USA)
Ginger Estrada (USA)
Michael Estrada (USA)
Mary Wood (Australia)
Bridget Schafer (USA)
Richard Raymond (USA)
Monique Raymond (USA)
Jolanta Makowska (Can)
Jacob McLardy (New Zealand)
Tania McLardy (New Zealand)
Jane Giannattasio (USA)
Daniel Dostie (USA)
Carl Vander Wouden (Can)
Marie Tucker (USA)
Chere Bernhard (USA)
Kenneth N. Jensen (Denmark)
David Hillebrand (USA)
Toni Hillebrand (USA)
Andrew Quernmore (England)
Bill Grijalva (USA)
Melanie Grijalva (USA)
Violet Bagtas (USA)
Patrick Neal Fuller (USA)
Lori Wilson (USA)
Leonorah McGlame (Scotland)
Charles Leipold (USA)
Michael E Fanning (USA)
Patrick DeSantis (NY, USA)
Allen Loyd (California, USA)
Gloria Loyd (California, USA)
Graeme J.A. Taylor (Scotland)
Nigel Dickens (England)
Magdalena Jezierska (Australia)
Martin Blackshaw (Scotland)
Patricia Blackshaw (Scotland)
Kenneth Dewar (Scotland)
Jacqueline Dewar (Scotland)
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Gemma Dewar (Scotland)
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Maureen Hendrick (Scotland)
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Bill Pfeiffer (USA)
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Thomas L. Massett (USA)
Patricia Wolfenden (Scotland)
Anthony Wolfenden (Scotland)
Bill Crofut (USA)
Thomas J. Fortino (NY, USA)
Renée Neuville (Wales)
E. Marlies Parker (Wales)
Frances Petty (Scotland)
Frank Payne (USA)
Lori Payne (USA)
Maria Plöb (A)
Anna-Maria Kaufmann (A)
Monika Kaufmann (A)
Irene Pichler (A)
Franz Matthias Pitscheneder (A)
Dr. Michael Ratzenhofer (A)
DI Andreas Kirchmair (A)
Manuela Hirschmugl (A)
Monika Rauch (A)
Yana Kalwoda (A)
Franz Kalwoda (A) Initiator

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam
Selection of sources
demonstrating the drama surrounding the issue of "research and production for vaccines from cell lines". (Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There')…bgetriebene-babys-zu-corona-impfstoff-verarbeitet/ (Five babies a week disemboweled for research purposes).
USA: Molekular- und Zellbiologin demaskiert Handel und Forschung mit Föten (USA: Ethics of Fetal Tissue Research - A Conversation with Tara Sander Lee, molecular and cell biologist unmasks trading and research with fetuses)…-many-aborted-babies-are-used-in-vaccine-creation/ (Dr. Stanley Plotkin is considered the Godfather of Vaccines. He is an American physician who worked as a consultant to the biggest vaccine manufacturers and biotechnology firms, non-profits, and governments.
And then, Dr. Plotkin reveals other macabre aspects of the abortion link to vaccines. Not that it should make a difference to pro-lifers, but the children aborted were not disabled babies who were likely to die in the womb anyway. They were not miscarriages either, as is so often presented to assuage the consciences of people conflicted about taking abortion-tainted vaccines. That is just a complete falsehood. He even says that all of them were over three months gestation.
If that is not grotesque enough, Dr. Plotkin’s response to harvesting organs from these dozens of babies, who were aborted all after the third month of pregnancy, is even further disturbing.
So, they were healthy unborn babies all beyond three months gestation and they had to be three months in utero or older because they needed to have developed the organs these mad scientists were after, organs like their pituitary glands, the unborn children’s lungs, their skin, their kidneys, spleen, hearts and tongues.
At a later point in the video, the lawyer asks Dr. Plotkin if he is aware that his client was objecting to the vaccines because what they contain were developed from aborted babies.) (Analysis of Covid vaccination producers) and 7 more users link to this post
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