De Profundis
It would only have been a relatively short while ago that the public suppression of the Mass in Ireland would have been impossible, unthinkable. The Church in Ireland has been utterly wrecked.
Dublin Archdiocese almost has a rainbow flag logo
Proof? Did you step out and get IDs? Or just thought you recognized people even though they were trying to overturn your car, amirite? :P Here have a tee-shirt.
Cuthbert Mayne
Proof ? Surely you meant to say poof?
Oooh... Fencers back in the day would say that's a sinister blow @Cuthbert Mayne It was a well-delivered noun... I'm hesitant to use that particular term given your obvious mastery of the double-entendre. ;-)
Our Lady of Sorrows
"Ghana President Exposed Permanent World Lockdown Plot"
What a drama queen!
Cuthbert Mayne
Emphasis on Queen
Dear me, aggrieved that people were aggrieved at his public sacrilege. Like so many of this type, he looks obese from personal indulgence. It would have required a crane to tip over a vehicle with unbelieving lump.
Cuthbert Mayne
They couldn’t overturn the car as this bastard is so fat
Language... @Cuthbert Mayne
Cuthbert Mayne
Mea culpa...i apologise unreservedly for lowering the tone in this august company as low as the queen in the photo