Francis: “Rather Than Have Surgery I Resign”

During a May 23 meeting with the Italian bishops, Francis allegedly said, that he doesn't want to undergo surgery for his gonarthrosis and arthrosis of the hip.

He explained that the last time - when he underwent surgery to solve his colon problem - the anaesthesia caused him unpleasant consequences. According to Sandro Magister he added, “Rather than have surgery I resign.”

The pain in his knee and hip he hopes to solve with massive infiltrations [which will not suffice] and by using the wheelchair as much as possible.

For IlSismografo it is more plausible that the unpleasant effects (Francis: “trouble in the head”) were caused by powerful painkillers used during the first 48 hours after surgery.

Picture: Vatian Media, #newsVxijybngtz

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This past Monday Francis allegedly told Italian ‘bishops’ behind closed doors that he would rather resign than have surgery for his knee
Covid Comedy. Masks for the audience, not for the entertainers on stage.
Paus Franciscus neemt geen ontslag.
I leave it the hands of God ,no need for speculation ,que sera sera ,what ever will be will be ,the future is not ours to see que sera sera ,what will be will be.
Alex A
Doris Day-"Que Sera, Sera."- loved her version of the song.
Dante Alighieri
I don't believe it!
Ave Crux
What did we just witness.....???! This actually happened? When?
3rd Order Postulant
Fake. I saw it a year or two ago
Dante Alighieri
I said I don't believe it.
Alex A
CNN.=fake news!
Jeffrey Ade
It is all a fairy story!
atreverse pensar
I'll believe it when I see it.