Protestant Communion: German Bishops’ President “Very Angry” With Nuncio

Limburg Bishop Georg Bätzing, the President of the German Bishops, has accused Berlin Nuncio Nikola Eterović of “untoward behaviour” regarding the letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine opposing Communion for Protestants.

Bätzing expressed himself in a letter to Eterović which was sent to all German bishops and leaked [by Bätzing] to the media to create more pressure. According to, the correspondence between Bätzing and Eterović included “vehement accusations.”

Bätzing criticises that Eterović sent the Congregation’s letter to all German bishops, and not first to him alone who was the addressee. The letter was also leaked to the media.

"Mr Nuncio, you see me very angry about this procedure,” a childish Bätzing wrote who is "angry" because this way he was unable to sweep the letter under the carpet.

Now, he wants to know whether Eterović' modus operandi was an oversight or intentional. Having proceeded the same way, Bätzing should know the answer.

Picture: Nikola Eterović, Georg Bätzing © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsQfwfeewtbm

...because a Papal Nuncio has to worry what the ideological decendents of Martin Luther think of him.
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