Becciu Feels Betrayed: “I Was Faithful Executor Of The Pope”

Cardinal Angelo Becciu said at a September 25 press conference at the Istituto Maria Santissima Bambina near the Vatican that Francis has accused him of embezzlement and nepotism.

For Becciu, his 20 minutes audience with Francis on September 24 was “surreal.” The forced resignation came “like a bolt out of the blue.”

“Until 18:02 I felt a friend and faithful executor of the Pope. Then he told me the he no longer has trust in me because magistrates told him I’d committed acts of embezzlement.”

Becciu denies any wrongdoing. He admitted that he sent 100,000 Euro to his brother's Caritas in his home diocese Ozieri whose Bishop Corrado Melis confirmed to Becciu that the money was used correctly.

Francis didn't mention the London property deal during the audience, Becciu said. According to him, no money of the Peter’s pence was used for this deal.


San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Varias profecías, como por ejemplo la de la Beata Emmerich, dicen que la elección del antipapa se hace sin el consentimiento del Papa. La Escritura nos advierte que la aparición del falso profeta lo envuelve un Misterio de Iniquidad.
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
"Vi a continuación que cuando ellos introducían el obispo de la manera que se habían propuesto, él era intruso, introducido contra la voluntad del Papa y que no poseía legítimamente la autoridad espiritual. (AA.III.128)
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
La mistica Francesa Marie-Julie declaró que una “revolución roja” derribaría al Papa. Entonces una horrorosa religión remplazaría a la religión Católica y vio a muchísimos obispos abrazando esa “sacrílega e infame religión.”
...except Benedict's resignation and subsequent support for Francis kinda negates him being an antipope @San Atanasio Poor Cardinal Becciu he's discovering, like thousands before him, that Marxists have no sense of loyalty.
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Anti-Pope's message to the UN: “ we cannot live without one another, or worse still, pitted against one another”
Sources in the Vatican say there will be a full dossier on Becciu that will explain everything clearly to everyone's satisfaction - immediately after the McCarrick report is released. Any day now in the next millennium...
Historians seem to have forgotten two facts — first, that men act from ideas; and second, that it might, therefore, be as well to discover which ideas.
If he is right then the one that should be expelled is bergoglio not him
“I was white in the face." Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu describes the "surreal" meeting where Pope France accused him of embezzlement and nepotism
Cardinal Becciu denied any guilt, saying that he “may have made a mistake out of too much love for my diocese, but I do not see the crime.”
F M Shyanguya
If friends are treated like this ...