The Preacher of the Pontifical Retreat (Pictures)

Abbot Bernardo Gianni OSB of San Miniato, Florence, is presently preaching Pope Francis' Lenten retreat (March 10-15).

According to L'Osservatore Romano, Gianni told Francis that he feels “very inadequate” for the task. Francis responded that this is a "great precondition for doing it well.”

On the left: Abbot Gianni is officially "blessing" a car, destined to drive hospitalized children.

The picture below:
Top left: Gianni (on the right) in front of the church of his monastery
Top right: Gianni as tour guide with Santa Claus cap in his monastery (December 2018):
Below left: Gay propaganda re-tweeted by Gianni on October 28, 2018
Below right: Picture used by to announce Gianni's choice as Francis' Lenten preacher


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