Agatha James
Big push to get conservatives to accept alphabet soup. Fox News and News Max took government covid money. Trump is great on abortion but bad on this.
Wilma Lopez
Because “conservatives” are conserving precisely nothing. Mainstream conservatism now accepts things that were unacceptable 20 years ago; they’re just progressives in a lower gear.
John A Cassani
People like Rubin are far worse than the freaks at the parades, because they are capable of getting the Jordan Petersons of the world to listen to them.
Sally Dorman
Joseph Sciambra on this: Very disappointed in Jordan Peterson as he is now publicly in favor of the gay experiment. As a survivor of that disaster - I think he needs to seriously broaden his perspective by listening to those outside of the wealthy bi-coastal homosexual elite. Fame diminishes your circle.
Wilma Lopez
Conservatives are merely Liberals in slow-motion.
Ursula Sankt
It’s political theatre over there with maybe Walsh aside just playing the part of liberalistic resistance.