Italian Bishops Want End Of “Humanae Vitae”

The newspaper of the Italian bishops’ Avvenire (January 28) featured a recent lecture by Father Maurizio Chiodi in favour of artificial contraception.

The introduction to the article draws a line from Paul VI to Francis and calls this ambiguously a “development in fidelity” asking the question, “Are natural methods really to be understood as the only means possible for family planning?” There is little doubt that the answer is "yes".

For the Vaticanista Sandro Magister this means, “Goodbye, Humanae Vitae”.

In many countries, especially of the West (Italy has the lowest birthrate in the EU), there are virtually no young Catholic couples left who could possibly prevent the birth of children. If the clerical Church establishment had not lost their minds and were in keeping with the times, they would tell Catholics to make babies, not to avoid them.

@Dr Stuart Reiss I said to leave it According to "Humanae Vitae " .In the end its up to the couple`s conscience to follow Humanae Vitae or not .
Bishops please leave things as they are and let parents ,"wife and husband "make that decision
Dr Bobus
All contraception is proscribed, not just artificial.
Jim Dorchak
Headline should have said: Italian Bishops are Idiots.......... Which is NO surprise!
Umm. Let me guess as to the bishops want next year; Italian bishops want abortion on demand.
Thanks be to Triune God that 'Casti Connubi' is faithful and untouchable. Modernism is eating its own tail,,,
It's like these bishops are stuck in 1970. Has no one showed them who Italy's Net Fertility Rate has declined or do they not care? Perhaps they have swallowed the lie that 'all we have to do is make things easier for others, get rid of anything thought too hard or demanding and then the people will come flocking back to us'? What will the sheep do when the shepherds themselves are lost?
it is mean: "we NO LONGER NEED GOD and HIS RULES"