Pontifical Academy for Life, Contraception May Be Act of "Responsibility"

An artificial method for the regulation of births could be recognized as an act of "responsibility” when natural methods are impossible or unfeasible, said Milan moral theologian, Father Maurizio Chiodi, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Chiodi made his remarks during a talk on December 14 at the Gregorian University in Rome, writes Lifesitenews (January 8).

He claimed that most "believing married couples" use contraceptives and "many pastors” prefer not to mention Catholic morals.

According to Catholic teaching contraception is an intrinsic evil act and can never be used without commiting a grave sin and therefore risking eternal damnation.

Picture: Maurizio Chiodi, #newsDhkddkgybf
De Profundis
The Church teaches contracepted sex leads to hell.
You are SO WRONG Fr. Chiodi!! Artificial Contraception is ALWAYS a GRAVE evil!! Intrinsically disordered and totally against the plan of the Creator!! Let you be ANATHEMA!!
Here a publication in BMJ
RE Ryder BMJ. 1993 Sep 18; 307(6906): 723–726.

Natural family planning": effective birth control supported by the Catholic Church
Dr Bobus
Garden variety Proportionalism. He needs to re-read Veritas Splendor
@Jim Dorchak anglican community and anglican moral theology it really depends from which continent or diocese or seminary you talk about. african, asian are more catholic today as rome is. but you are right in a certain way.
even if it is an act of responsability ,is not up to you or anybody else to say it ,it is up to God , He is the merciful Father , You suppose to be and all clergy , the guardian of Faith and Truth .not speculation .
Jim Dorchak
I think that I would be more worried about the "Act of Response" on the final day.
Jim Dorchak
@AlexBKaiser Well those sins are unforgivable! Adultery is just natural for animals.
One more comment from Jim Dorchak
Jim Dorchak
@prince0357 I almost had to laugh when you said Anglican community, and Moral theology in the same paragraph. I never would put the two that close together.... hahaha
Chiodi has the same wrong conclusion as the Lambeth-conference of 1929/30 when the Anglican community conceded contraception as "Planned Parenthood" (irony of history). This décision lead to the collapse of anglican moral theology
De Profundis
To say to someone that it may be infeasible for him to refrain from acts of adultery is to advise him that, in effect, he is not subject to God’s law in this matter
I wonder if these poor misguided fools feel the same way about "sins against the environment", depriving workers of their wages, immigration control or free-market economics. Why are they only interested in finding "inculpability" loopholes for sexual sins?
Sólo Díos basta
The gay clergy hate Humanae Vitae safeguarding the inseparability of the procreative and unitive purpose of sex. Breaking Humanae Vitae is one step closer to allowing gay sex
Amoris Laetitia - to which this teacher of immorality is referring - is and will continue to flat dogmas one after another in "domino" style.
Milan IMmoral theologian
As usual. some circumstances for today. will be everything for tomorrow. They lie and they know that are lying.
Contraception isn't just contrary to Catholic teaching. It's contrary to the Natural Law.