Criminal Blows Air Horn Into the Face of Group Praying The Rosary (Video)

Two felons, visible on the picture illustrating this article, broke on July 1 into a group of faithful who were praying the rosary near the statue of statue of King Louis IX in St Louis, USA. The …
As Archbishop Vigano told in his letter to President Trump the battle between Good and evil
Alex A
Another example of a 'Bully Boy'!
Now if a pro-lifer did that outside an abortion clinic, they'd get arrested. ;-) These fools have no idea the kind of hatel they're building in America. All the decades of careful public-school and TV brain-washing how "we can all get along" and then they behave like this. BLM is putting a real, human face on the left's "inclusive" agenda. Good job guys.
You aren't allowed to go to church but the mob is allowed to tear down church statues