Not A Cowardly Priest: Father Schumacher Defends Statue of Saint (Video)

Father Stephen Schumacher of St Louis Archdiocese, USA, defended on June 27 a statue of King Louis IX (+1270) from being vandalised and damaged by a gang.

According to Joel Currier (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) on Twitter, a mob besmeared the saint's statue which is located outside the St Louis art museum. Catholics gathered to recite prayers and to protect the work of art from further damage. The savages reacted with a few scuffles.

About a dozen policemen separated the mob and the Catholics but suddenly the police left the scene despite lingering tensions.

Father Schumacher applied to reason by offering historical explanations about Saint Louis, but he was shouted down by the barbarians.

One criminal even uttered threads against St Louis Cathedral: “Eventually, we’re taking that too" (video).


God Bless him,and the good souls that stood with him.