Francis Signed Secular Document for His Secular Eco-Religion

At an October 4 Vatican meeting of religious leaders and "scientists" in preparation for the Glasgow conference, Francis signed a 2350 words solemn appeal to "save the nature."

Sandro Magister (October 19) noticed that God, Creator, Creation or creature are not mentioned once. Nature is defined as “a life-giving force.”

The sole timid hint of any supernatural is in a line recognising in the natural world “the signs of divine harmony." By now it is evident that ecologism is a new secular religion, including prophets, prophecies and apocalyptic doom and gloom.


Lawl.. Pope Francis wearing a mask next to someone who isn't. The Covid Farce meets the Eco Farce!
Its a spiritual warfare ,we have pray to get all true christians together on the same boat ,God be praised
Wilma Lopez
Killing an unborn child is not a right. Life is.
May God's Will be done with this unbeliever.
De Profundis