Viganò Knows Why Summorum Pontificum MUST Go

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò commented in a June 9 statement on the expected abolition of Summorum Pontificum.

In his text, he doesn't want to answer the question why in the face of the multiplication of vocations and faithful Francis has a desire to make the life of the Roman Rite Catholics miserable.

Viganò observes that the heretics and fornicators - who presently hold the power in the Church - will not tolerate that their errors and deplorable way of life be placed into question by a minority of pious faithful and clergy who have no protectors.

Tolerating Catholics would be for them "like a defeat" which is bearable only if it is limited to little groups of "nostalgic elderly people" or "eccentric aesthetes," Viganò explains.

He knows that “those who do not come from God" hate everything that recalls an era in which the Church was governed by Catholic pastors. For him, it is therefore impossible to hold together two opposing forms of worship - the Roman Rite and the Novus Ordo - in the name of a "plurality of liturgical expression."

This attempt was already made at the pseudo-Reformation, Viganò recalls, when Protestants tolerated certain liturgical customs which were rooted in the people but only for a short time because those devotions to Our Mary, those Latin hymns, those bells rung after the consecration had to disappear, since they expressed a Faith that Luther’s followers protested ("Protestants") against.


Tony Smith
I just don't trust Vigano. He was always part of the establishment and went along with it all. I am not convinced he is a friend of Tradition.
Dr Bobus
Why do you have to trust him?
Tony Smith
He went along with all the criminal elements in the Church and was part of the problem. I am not convincend that he is genuine.
Mary M
I trust Archbishop Viganò, he is a faithful servant of Christ
Real Catholics will do whatever it takes to attend the traditional Mass, no matter what Francis says.