After Vatican Deal: China Arrests Four Priests

Four priests belonging to the Catholic [underground] Diocese of Zhangjiakou (Hebei) were arrested by the police, reports (November 5).

They refused to register with the Communist state church called "Patriotic Association". The priests are now subjected to indoctrination and isolation.

In September, Francis signed a secret deal with China which Hong Kong Cardinal Zen called an "incredible betrayal" and a "complete surrender".

In October, the Chinese authorities demolished two Catholic Marian shrines (video below).


God is not sleeping ,and He will intervene when the time is right ,and those that are pushing for a MAN made catholic church will be judge and will suffer for ever .Jesus has won the war already and He is VICTORIOUS ,HE is the King of Kings and Lord Of Lords
Do we need to remind ourselves of Judas when he secretly sold our Lord for silver?! Francis already sold the church for a lot less than that to devil and his worshipers.
Francis would call that 'working as designed.' He hopes for something like the Communist controlled Czechoslovak Church after a post V2 Concordat. The Faith died there, while Poland which avoided having a Communist controlled Church, still has something of the Faith.
This as the present Francis anti-Pope deals amicably with the Chinese Communist Party and throws believing Catholics - laity and clergy - under the "accompaniment" bus and for some of them at the cost of their lives.