Francis Adds Pro-Gay Nominees to Synod on Youth

The Vatican press office published on September 15 the list of those participating at the October Bishop’s Synod on youth. Pope Francis personally added 39 delegates, many of them pro-gay and anti-Catholic.

The worst examples are the pro-gay Cardinals Cupich, (Chicago), Tobin (Newark), and Marx (Munich), further Archbishop Paglia, and the infamous Father Spadaro.

Cupich and Tobin owe their careers to the homosexual abuser Cardinal McCarrick and are involved in hushing up his crimes.

The US bishop’s refused to choose Cupich and Tobin as delegates but Francis recycled them because they are nostalgic of the 1960s.

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsZjfkivwbiw
De Profundis
Spadaro has been appointed secretary of the Information Commission of the Synod [Politburo]
at John 21 Jesus Questions Peter 3 times do you love ? and Peter answers 3 times ,yes Lord i love you .and Jesus said 3 times ,take care of my sheep ,Now its 2018 and this Peter ? {Pope Francis } is he taking care of Jesus sheep ? or is he letting the wolfs take care of the sheep ?????
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