Cardinal Zen Calls Cardinal Parolin A “Man Of Little Faith”

Hong Kong Cardinal Zen has called Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, as a “man of little faith”. Zen writes on his blog (February 5) that the Chinese Catholics do not fear poverty, prison and martyrdom, but “their greatest suffering is to see themselves betrayed by ‘family’”.

According to Zen, Parolin’s recent interview about China is “full of wrong opinions”.

Zen even shows that Parolin manipulated a letter of Benedict XVI to the Chinese Catholics (2007). Parolin cited Benedict XVI' phrase that "the solution to existing problems cannot be pursued via an ongoing conflict with the legitimate civil authorities".

But Parolin concealed the fact that Benedict continues by saying that “at the same time, though, compliance with those authorities is not acceptable when they interfere unduly in matters regarding the faith and discipline of the Church.”

Picture: Joseph Zen, © tephen Wu, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsEpphxvmeen
Lisi Sterndorfer
“In recent days, the brothers and sisters living on the Chinese mainland have learned that the Vatican is ready to surrender to the Chinese communist party, and therefore they feel uneasy.”
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CarolineA03 they are the chrilden of Cane
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" “their greatest suffering is to see themselves betrayed by ‘family’”."

They are NOT your family those that betray you.
They are not Christ's family either, they are the children of someone else.
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...from a man who I expect understands "faith" as few do in our time.
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Lisi Sterndorfer
Zen: "The Vatican Secretary of State Is Wrong"
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Beautiful. What a breath of fresh air, is Kardinal Josef's faith and bravery!
Christ Jesus Bless you!
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