Vatican Confirms: Catholic Church in China Will Be Sacrificed to Regime

The Catholic Church in China which is forced to live underground, and the state controlled Regime church are “not two Churches, but two communities of faithful” according to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. He said to La Stampa (January 31) that he wants them “to live their faith together" [under Communist control].

Parolin anticipates sufferings [for the Catholic Church], “If someone is asked to make a sacrifice, small or great, it must be clear to everyone that this is not the price of a political deal”. Through his denial Parolin confirms what is evident.

The cardinal attempts to impose his controversial position with force, demanding “fidelity to the Successor of Peter” and “obedience”, even when “not everything appears immediately clear and understandable”. He further calls for “trust, which does not respond to worldly logics”, although sacrificing the good for the bad by playing up to the powerful for short-term gains is worldly logics.

Parolin believes in changing reality by changing words, “Expressions such as power, betrayal, resistance, surrender, confrontation, failure, compromise, should make room for others, such as service, dialogue, mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, collaboration, communion.”

He also confirms that Pope Francis personally follows current contacts with the Chinese regime, “All his collaborators act in accordance with him.”

Sacrificing Catholics to please anticlerical governments has some tradition in the Vatican: Leo XIII sacrificed political Catholicism in France favouring the Masonic government, and Pius XI did the same with the Mexican Cristeros.

Picture: Pietro Parolin, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsAeopoumbdl
Cardinal Parolin’s campaign to be Pope looks desperate after Chile & China fiascos
The appearance of unity can be required as an expression of actual unity. But to demand unity in appearance where no unity exists is a lie, a premeditated evil, it seems to me.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Rather than setting things right it settles things for most of us - a material heretic Pope we can deal with, a bullying Pope is endurable, a miserable insulting Pope is bearable - but a Judas handing over his flock to baby-killing Church-burning torturers?
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Eduard Habsburg, Ambassador of Hungary to the Holy See, a conservative, believes that this "important" interview "sets things right concerning Holy See/ China Relations". (He wrote that on Twitter.)
Not the pope is ignoring the advice of Vatican negotiators, but they are ignoring the fears of faithful Chinese Catholics.
I don't know what to comment on that - I'm pretty much speechless - and not just at the betrayal (sorry - should that be 'compromise', Cardinal Parolin?) But I'm obviously in very good and holy company judging by the total silence of almost all of our 'shepherds' in the Roman Catholic Church.
there is only one Truth