Dialogue and Mercy: Francis Leaves Very Old Cardinal in the Rain

Cardinal Joseph Zen, 88, flew from Hong Kong to Rome for four days until September 27 to meet Francis, reports MarcoTosatti.com. Zen delivered via his personal secretary Gonzalo Aemilius a letter to …
Not even Christian.
Here is Zen visiting Rome to see Pope Francis
What is he doing in the mask in the 3rd photo?
comfort ye
Shame, a thousand times shame on this feckless, walking dead pope!
God bless Cardinal Zen. He may have not been recognized in this life, but he will be in the next.
@salliperson: The mask on the face makes it difficult to recognize his identity.
As the English say, "hot toungue and cold shoulder".
What a shameful way to treat Cardinal Zen - but sadly, it is not at all surprising.