Francis Is a “Clever Politician,” “Harsh Man,” “Reckless”

The recently named cardinals are all of strict Bergoglian observance, welcome mass-immigration and inter-religion at any cost while “in the meantime the faithful are running away from the churches.”

Alessandro Rico writes this in (October 22), “In Italy, the percentage of Catholics fell by 7.7%.” The participation of the faithful at Francis events dropped by half.

“Bergoglio was not even able to stop the haemorrhage of Latin American Catholics, fleeing to the Protestant sects.”

Rico notices that Francis governs “in a way that is anything but collegial.” He calls him “authoritarian” and “a clever politician” who “at times is reckless” and surrounds himself with persons of "of dubious morality who therefore are weak and can easily be controlled."

Examples are: Buenos Aires Auxiliary Bishop Juan Carlos Maccarone (+2015), Orán Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, Santa Marta Monsignor Battista Ricca, Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga.

Francis is known in the Vatican as “a harsh man” who expects his orders to be executed quickly. His invitation “to feel free to criticize him” serves him “to ferret out his opponents.”

Agnostics and progressists are excited by Francis who speaks "like the UN Secretary General or the head of Greenpeace, rather than like the successor of Peter; it seems that Francis does not want to confirm his brothers in the faith, but to be admired by the world," Rico quotes an unnamed Vatican monsignor.

Rico concludes, Francis “’outgoing church’ is actually more entrenched than ever. Besieged by scandals."

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