Jesuit Wants to "Legalise" Abortion

Father Mario Serrano Marte S.J. endorsed a proposal to legalise abortion in extreme circumstances [meaning: in any circumstance] in the Dominican Republic,

“It is a proposal based on the ethical principles of justice and freedom,” Serrano babbled on the usual social CIA networks (August 20).

He endorsed abortion already in July 2018, and back then Santo Domingo auxiliary bishop Jesús Castro Marte trivialised this as a “private opinion.” In May, Francis appointed Castro a diocesan bishop.

On the contrary, when priests defend Catholic positions in the decadent Council Church they are muzzled or threatened with canonical penalties.


Cardinal George, “Abortion is no more a ‘single issue’ than was slavery. It is, instead, a defining issue, one which shapes the future of the nation. The present legal policy of abortion-on-demand ... weakens the social contract that has kept this country together.”
Roberto 55
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