Cardinal: “Our Rulers Take Advantage of This So-Called Pandemic”

Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez, 87, a former Guadalajara Archbishop, Mexico, says that the coronavirus “pandemic” is “artificial.”

He told (June 11) that it was created to generate fear and to get the governments and the people into debt.

Sandoval predicts that the loans granted by international banks will be unpayable. Therefore, the wealth of “this people of God” will be used to repay the money, “There is oil, there are mines, there is the fishing.”

According to Sandoval, "our rulers are taking advantage of this so-called pandemic to endlessly borrow money and to increase the debts in a tremendous way.”

He warns that this is emergency money which is not subject to any control, “So who's going to hold the politicians accountable?"


F M Shyanguya
@Wichita Knight Who said it can’t be both? The hoax is the chastisement fittingly for a people who have abandoned/don’t use reason that the LORD created them with.

That people got punked + the aftermath = chastisement.
Wichita Knight
It seems like half of conservative Catholicism is claiming that the Coronavirus is chastisement for sin and the other half claiming that it is a hoax. Come on folks, we need to get a consistent narrative if we are to have any credibility at all.
F M Shyanguya
Duh! ...

God bless and keep him and his.