Francis Takes Care of His Crooked Friends: Zanchetta Is Back

Disgraced Argentinean Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, a trained electrician accused of abuses and mismanagement, has quietly returned to work at the Vatican's Investment Bank (APSA) this month, reports (June 13). At APSA he is in charge of property management.

Zanchetta was suspended from this work in January 2019, after Francis finally agreed to consider homosexual abuse allegations against him. Five other cases of sexual abuse against clergy, including against a former nun, and a criminal investigation on charges of fraud are currently pending in Argentina.

A former Oran Bishop (2013-2017), Zanchetta resigned for "health reasons." Shortly after, Francis created for him a Vatican position.

Now, Vatican press speaker Matteo Bruni confirmed that “while naturally remaining available to the Argentine judicial authorities, Zanchetta was able to resume his service which does not interfere in any way with the investigations.”

Had Zanchetta worked for good, not for evil, then Francis would have ditched him a long time ago.

One wonders what the ever alarmist Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors (President: Cardinal Seán Patrick O'Malley) has to say about this.


They're all gay, they're all corrupt. They're all in the Vatican.
Typical Latin American nationalist nepotism.
Bergoglio ain’t even pretending anymore.
Three cheers for the Roman Curia. It never disappoints. Just when you think it cannot sink deeper morally they make a surprise dunk.
Perv meets perv.