Malta Bishop Hails "Sacramental Nature" of Covid-19 Mask

Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta shared on Twitter.com (November 14) a "very beautiful" prayer “for putting on a face mask” (below) which he is "very pleased" to share.

Its author is Richard Bott, a Moderator of Canada's Presbyterian Church.

The prayer asks God “to see the sacramental nature of wearing of this cloth” and the Holy Spirit "to remind me to listen carefully as the elastic touches my ears.”

The text seems to be a persiflage of the vesting prayers before Mass which in the Novus Ordo have been largely forgotten.


Louis IX
This bishop always struck me as being very happy.
I would be grateful if Bishop Scicluna pointed out where "Covid-19 masks" are listed as a Catholic Sacrament in the Catechism of The Church. I can't seem to find it.
Liam Ronan
"There is none left that calls on thy name, that bestirs himself to lay hold of thee. Thou hidest thy face from us, broken men caught in the grip of their wrong-doing." Isaiah 64:7
Beyond parody
Liam Ronan
The only cloth these clerics should be wearing is sackcloth.
Jeffrey Ade
Orange jumpsuits?