Faithful Favour Mass - Bishop Favours Police

French Catholics demonstrated again on November 15 in many cities because of a nationwide ban on public Masses under the Covid-19 pretext, although there has not been a single Covid-19 cluster in a church.

In Nantes, police forbad a demonstration at the Cathedral, moving it to a square. Nantes Bishop Laurent Percerou sided with police dissociating himself from his faithful in a statement signed by his two vicar generals which demanded “respect” for the State.

“The bishop does not recognise himself in this demonstration”, the text says stressing that Percerou wants “dialogue” with the State [who refuses dialogue with the Church].

Percerou protested that "Christians are not persecuted." For him, the current Mass ban is "only linked to a health cause." Many churches in France are huge, easily allowing for sanitary distancing.


Jeffrey Ade
Animal farm. Question, "didn't it read differently?" Answer, "I don't remember?"
even though there has not been no covid clusters at masses the secular politicians want to close down the churchs or limit their use ,And that is evil
Our Lady of Sorrows
UK Police seize posters of "Bill of Rights" 1688 which give British people right to protest and freedom of speech, why do they not want the public to see it?