Conquered Cardinal Excited About "Drag Queen" Performer At His Eucharist

São Salvador da Bahia Cardinal Sérgio da Rocha, Brazil, praised Édson Júnior, who performed as "Drag Queen Scarleth Sangalo" at his May 21 Homosex Eucharist.

Júnior wrote on Facebook.com, that he received “countless compliments” for his performance. He called this “another medal” in his drag curriculum writing that “Cardinal Sergio da Rocha complimented me comparing me to the singer Fafá de Belém” - a popular Brazilian singer, 64, whose song Nossa Senhora ("Our Lady") in which she veils herself, holds a rosary and shows a procession of Our Lady, generated over 8.5 million clicks.

However, more important than Rocha's compliment is for Júnior that he was able to enter the “sphere” of the Catholic Church and the New Rite Eucharist which he had not yet “conquered.”


A pencil necked lisper.
The cardinal will not mock Christ in their face to face meeting! And the pervert drag queen won't be there to offer support.
Birds of a feather! They will surely one day get to meet the "God of Suprizes" !
Very much so, in more ways than one. Traditionally, the "God of Surprises" does tend to favor bird-like manifestations.