Cardinal Presides “Drag Queen” Eucharist (Video)

Likely to play up to the oligarchs, São Salvador da Bahia Cardinal Sérgio da Rocha, Brazil, presided a May 21 Eucharist for alleged murdered victims of “LGBTphobia.”

The performance included a "Drag Queen" chanting the Ave Maria. In his homily, Rocha lamented “many violent deaths” among homosexuals. He left distributing Communion to his co-presiders, likely in order to avoid embarrassing pictures.

According to (June 11), Rocha responded “promptly” to the request of two local homosex propaganda organisations - so quickly that even the propagandists were surprise. One organiser, Cris Serra, said that he/she didn’t expect anything like that.

Álvaro Mendes of the Dom Bosco Center called the presented murder data of transvestites “unreliable” explaining that are often murdering each other or are killed in crimes unrelated to sexuality. Salvador is among Brazil's most violent cities with 51 homicides/100,000 people ( Sao Paulo: 15). One reasons for this is a growing drug market in which homosexuals are involved. called Rocha's performance a pretext for advertising same-sex.


Nothing Catholic about it.
Live Mike
And when his disciples James and John saw it, they said, “Lord, do you want us to bid fire come down from heaven and consume them?” - St. Luke 9:54
No surprises this Brazillian parody of a Mass also involved a "pony-tail" priest and all the circus performers wearing their face-diapers.
We need a lot of prayers to redress this grave offense to Our Lord.