Francis Proves that He Never Was a Parish-Priest

Because Francis could not meet the Roman priests at the Chrism Mass, he sent a Pentecost letter to them in which he writes everything and the opposite of everything. The letter’s main subject is the …
He was “ordained” on December 13. 1969, when the novus ordo rite was in effect, correct? So that he is not a priest is not even up for debate.
Francis to Roman priests, Faith means “creative imagination” and not “repetition, replacement and preservation”. And: Don’t wait for “everything to return to ‘normal’ ignoring the deep wounds and the number of people who have fallen in the meantime”.
He never has been a catholic priest he had been excomunicated since he was at seminary. or even before it.
“knowing how to cry with others, that's holiness” -Pope Francis. Which finally explains why he's such a fan of Cardinal Tagle.