Vatican Invested Seven Million In Nonexistent Motorway

Vatican prosecutors charged Enrico Crasso who for decades was the Vatican's leading investment manager, with having convinced the Holy See with a proposal to invest €7 millions in a fake highway in North Carolina, reports (July 15).

This is not the only allegation made against him. Crasso is one of the ten defendants in the Vatican's upcoming trial for financial crimes. He allegedly used the highway money to fund an equity stake in three Italian companies.

During searches in Crasso's homes and offices, investigators found two versions of an investment proposal. The proposal presented to the Vatican substantially differed from the original.

Crasso’s investment was approved by then Archbishop Angelo Becciu. The investment was eventually sold for a loss at 5 million euros in 2018.


Jeffrey Ade
Motorway to hell doesn't show up on the radar!
Nobody can be even a tiny bit shocked. It's business as usual with these money changers