Seer Who Turned Transvestite About to Be Judged

Prosecutors in Brindisi, Italy, have asked for ten years in prison for Paolo Catanzaro, a self-declared seer who later started a career as transvestite calling himself “Sveva Cardinale.”

Catanzaro has been charged with fraud against vulnerable people earning €4 million in the process. Also in the dock is his concubinist Francesco Rizzo (requested: seven-year sentence), his sister Giuseppina (six years and six months) and five others.

Their scam consisted in identifying gullible victims. Under the pretext of avoiding various misfortunes or to finance “the spread of the Gospel” they were drained of their possessions. According to the QuotidianoDiPuglia.it, Catanzaro is also accused of tax evasion.


A FrancisCardinal's special friend?