“Conservative” German Bishop: Sacrilegious Communion in the Hand "Just as Dignified" as Communion on the Tongue

Conservative Regensburg Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer claimed in his Corpus Christi sermon that taking Communion in the hand is "just as dignified" as receiving Communion on the tongue.

During the German Synodal/Suicidal Way Voderholzer took Communion in the hand from a girl. Communion in the hand is objectively sacrilegious because it makes it inevitable that consecrated particles fall to the ground and are trampled upon.

During his sermon, Voderholzer thanked everybody for "renouncing" Communion on the tongue, which he has forbidden anyway, because of the coronavirus. He went on alleging that receiving Communion was more important than the "outer form," as if one could separate the form from the content.

Voderholzer referred to a stupid argument, which Cardinal Ratzinger used in a 1978 sermon: "Usually one sins more with the tongue than with the hand." The argument is foolish, because Communion received with the hand is transported to the allegedly "sinful" tongue.

Voderholzer continued: "The preference for a form that one personally considers appropriate and dignified, must not lead to rejecting another form as evil and to refusing Communion, instead of changing the form if there is a good reason for doing so."

Communion in the hand isn't made legitimate by referring to it with the neutral expression “form."

Picture: Rudolf Voderholzer, Press picture Regensburg Diocese

Jmy1975 there are no hand-held Communions by law and practice in Catholic Church since end of every Holy Communion is mouth. Provide 2 papal magisterial documents one from before 1958 and the other after 1958 in which any layman is allowed (including) to minister (distribute), by touching Holy Communion, to mouth.
Confitemini Domino
Bishop Voderholzer has now shown that he belongs to those who trample on those who are already on the ground;
His testimony is like a kick in the face of those who make the sacrifice and communicate spiritually in these times; now they get one more kick from their bishop on top of their sacrifice. This man has no idea about pastoral care.
All handheld communions should have a plate underneath to catch any particles. Like they do with on-the-tongue.
That would imply both a concern and a need for caution based out of reverence. ;-)